TVR backs up the Icelandic language

TVR has, in cooperation with a local scholar launched the first ever Icelandic dictionary, which is published as an app. The app is available for free for all Android users on Google Play.

The appis called “Orð í tíma töluð” – in English Words in Time – is a Dictionary of Quotations and includes over 7000 quotations, some of which have been part of the Icelandic culture for more than a thousand years. The quotations are derived from a variety of sources ranging from contemporary Icelandic culture to the old Icelandic Sagas as well as to treasures from around the world including ancient Greek philosophy. The app offers simple search capabilities for words, author names or anything the user sees fit.

OrdITima-Crop1The app is based on a dictionary of quotations by Tryggvi Gíslason, a scholar in the Icelandic language and Norse mythology, and a former headmaster in one of Iceland oldest colleges, Menntaskólinn á Akureyri. The Icelandic software company Stokkur Software took care of designing and coding the app and TVR is very pleased with the outcome.

The app is available on Google Play for free.



Welcome to our new website. Look around and see if you like it.

We had to freshen up a bit. It may have taken longer than first anticipated but we like to think of it as a long shower. Anyway, we’re finally on the Internet again – now showing off our new logo. It has a green dot in it! Very cool.

Old logo and the new logo

The old logo was quite ok but our international friends and partners were not quite getting the hang of pronouncing all the Icelandic sounds in our name.

Say my name

That is a really difficult name for Non-Icelanders to pronounce  We could just as well call the company Hjalti Þórðarson. That’s a great name if you can say it. So we decided to register the name “TVR” as a secondary name in the company registry and make a new logo – both of which would go well with our international partners.

Many of the background images on this website are from Moments by Harald Haraldsson, who is an Icelandic visual artist and director. TVR has had the pleasure of working with his creative talent in some of our ad campaigns and we hope to do more of that in the future.


On this website you can read a bit about the Company, about how well represented we are in the whole of Iceland through our vast network of retail partners, or have a look at “Beitan” – the teasers we make for our local market. A word of caution, though. It’s in Icelandic.